Nuns and Sisters
                             Devoted to Preserving Images of the Traditional Habit
This website is devoted to the preservation of photographs of nuns and sisters in "traditional habits".  The majority of the photographs are from orders which had establishments in North America.
Shortly before and immediately after the Second Vatican Council many orders chose to either drastically modify their habits or to do away with them entirely.  While the modifications to the habit were needed in order to make daily dress more suitable for the work and services the sisters were called to do, there remains a sentimental attachment to the traditional habit among many individuals both lay and religious.

The image of a nun or sister in a traditional habit is very poignant.  It is part of our religious and cultural heritage and as the current generations age, memory and knowledge of this part of our heritage is fading away and becoming lost to time.  

This website seeks to preserve some of that cultural heritage by sharing photographic images of nuns and sisters in traditional habits for free to the public.  If you have any photographs of nuns and sisters in your own private collection which you would like to see on this website, please feel free to e-mail them to me along with your permission to use them on this website. 

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs on this website are owned by me and are not for sale.  The majority of the photographs have been cropped, enhanced and/or otherwise manipulated in order to feature the habit.  Some photographs are of excellent quality, while the quality of others is poor.  As time permits, I will attempt to enhance the photographs of poorer quality by scanning them at higher resolutions.

Individuals may use photographs on this website for educational (i.e., non-commercial and non-profit making) purposes as long as the website is credited. 

If you have any concerns, comments and/or questions, please feel free to contact me (Michael Meehan) at: