Nuns and Sisters
                             Devoted to Preserving Images of the Traditional Habit

Sisters of Saint Joseph

Founded:    Originally founded in 1650 in Le Puy, France by the Right Reverend Bishop Henri de Maupas and John Peter Medaille, S.J. and disbanded during the French Revolution.  Reorganized by Mother St. John Fontbonne in 1808.

Purposes:    Personal sanctification and instruction of youth from preschools to colleges, managing hospitals, teaching the deaf, nursing, running orphanages and other works of charity.

Habit:  Black serge with full sleeves and skirt.  A white guimpe and cornette of linen and a veil of black silk voile.  A crucifix is worn around the neck and a rosary is worn at the side.  In the 1950's the Sisters began to use permalin for the guimpe.  The Sisters of St Joseph in Chestnut Hill ordered their guimpes and headbands from the Emmet Fitzgerald Company of Pennsylvania when they moved from the linen to the more durable material.  (information courtesy of one of our readers)